Wednesday, June 17, 2009

In the midst of insanity!

So, we are in the middle of one crazy month! Every weekend of June shall be spent at some point in the Atlanta airport, which could try a saint's patience! But the destinations are great! The first weekend we spent in Rhode Island visiting with family and meeting the newest addition: my baby cousin, Sarah Elizabeth! Then, on to Philly the following weekend for Mike's cousin's wedding. Fly in Saturday morning, fly back Sunday evening... whew! And now, we are anxiously awaiting our vacation cruise!! Saturday morning we will fly to San Juan, PR and embark on our Southern Caribbean cruise on Sunday for a glorious week of relaxation and fun with good friends! 

Countdown to NYC Triathlon: 5 weeks!!! 

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Long time no write!

Well, it's been awhile as you can see from when I last posted. We have a had a busy year thus far! Mike and I completed our first marathon in March. If you had asked me at mile 22 if I would ever do another marathon, I would have most likely shot you a dirty look (because I had no energy to talk). But once I finished, I started thinking about the next one I would do... way down the road!! Right now we are focused on training for triathlon season. We've cut back on the quantity of races this year, but definitely not the quality! I am doing the Nautica New York City Triathlon in July, and Mike and I are doing the Chicago Triathlon in August. This will be my second time and Mike's third time doing the Chicago Triathlon. The NYC Tri is going to be my first solitary tri :( Usually I have Mike to compete with or at least cheer with, but he will be doing great things with Camp Horizon that day, and so I am on my own... And Mike is doing his first Half-Ironman in Augusta this September! Oh, yeah, and did I mention that we will be returning from a wedding/vacation in London the weekend before his Half-Ironman?! Ooops! :) 

Well, that's all for now... I will leave you with pictures of us and Maggie at Bark in the Park at Turner Field this past weekend. How cool is it that you can take your dog to Braves game?! Tons of fun and definitely recommend to any other dog lovers out there!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our Whirlwind trip to Kiki's Pitt

So, we went to scenic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania this past weekend... by car. Yes, we are crazy. But we also own a Prius and found the monetary difference in gas to get there and back versus a round-trip plane ticket to be too great to ignore. So, early Friday morning, we packed "Master P" and headed north on an eleven hour drive to visit Kristy (Mike's sister) who is attending the Universtity of Pittsburgh for graduate school.

We felt it important to visit her on this particular weekend as one of her classes was meeting for special discussion on Saturday afternoon that would not end util 4PM - 30 MINUTES after the GA/FLA game started. Knowing how much of a UGA fan Kristy is, we knew she would need moral support after finishing her class. So, the game didn't go that well, but the rest of the night followed with much fun and hilarity all around. Translation: we got drunk. Kristy took us to this great little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant that seemed to be very popular among the college crowd (who mostly showed up in Halloween costumes looking ridiculous). They had deliciously strong margaritas! Yum! Later that night, I sat in Galileo's lap (note to Kiki: send me those pics please).

Sunday we took advantage of the time change, and grabbed an early brunch (or breakfast, whatever you want to call it), and then said our goodbyes. On the way back, TomTom apparently had a scenic route in mind. So we stopped in West Virginia to take some pictures of the views afforded at a scenic rest stop. All in all, the trip to the Pitt was refreshing! Thanks Kristy for being such a great host! We miss you already!

Joe Mama's... Angie Daddy's! OOOOHHH, snap! (the restaurant was just called "Joe Mama's") This was a great little Italian diner we had dinner at on Friday night upon arriving in Pittsburgh. The above slam is courtesy of Mrs. Kacy Land, the best Spanish teacher I know! :)

We were feeling no pain with the Margaritas!

I don't remember taking this picture - but I am assuming it was because the place was called "Maggies."

We payed homage to Mr. Rogers by taking a picture with his T-Rex look-a-like in front of the radio station in Pittsburgh. He even had a trolley going down the back of his tail!

A beautiful ride home and great end to our trip :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Trying my hand at this blogging thing...

Well, I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon, but I always have been a little slow to accepting change. However, now that I've spent so much time reading and keeping up with friends, I realized that just maybe my friends and family would want to enertain themselves with our little goings-on in the Guris household. At first I thought, do we have anything exciting enough going on in our lives to maintain a blog? And my immediate answer was, No! But then I thought more about that sad reflection of our life, and realized that we do, in fact, have somewhat fun, if not funny, lives to share. The coolest thing we do activities-wise would be triathlons. But of course, we are in off season now - so nothing new to report there. We will be completing our first full marathon next March, so I'll definitely track our attempts at keeping to a training schedule for that. I guess the latest things we have going on are my preparations at hosting my first Thanksgiving family meal. I have a lot of cook books and cooking utensils, but very little cooking experience or talent - so wish me luck. I'll be sure to post more soon - this was pretty fun so far :)